Salon Policies

We view things a bit differently here, we proudly wear the title of artists first and foremost. Many of us have ventured beyond traditional paths, exchanging corporate America for the pursuit of a career as dedicated artists. This is not merely a service; it's an artistry. We believe we excel in creating what we do best.

In the realm of art, we recognize the human element. We have written consults to clarify confusion. While refunds aren't within our policy, adjustments are our commitment within a week. We are, at our core, human – driven by the desire to make things right. With dedicated educators on staff, we continually evolve, honing our craft to become the best artists we can be. Welcome to a fusion of professionalism and artistry, where your experience is our masterpiece.

As custodians of our craft and livelihood, we respectfully reserve the right to charge for missed appointments or last-minute changes. Our commitment to honoring each other's time is deeply rooted in the understanding that, akin to an artist without a canvas, our livelihood depends on these engagements. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter are sincerely appreciated as we strive to maintain the quality and integrity of our professional commitments.

the right to refuse any guest for improper conduct, tardiness, no-shows, or any
situation we deem appropriate. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please understand
that when a guest forgets to cancel or reschedule their appointment
without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment
time. We require a credit card to reserve appointments for all clients. We also
accept a cash deposit. 

In the event a guest needs to cancel or reschedule, we
require a 24-hour notice. Cancellations or missed appointments without a
24-hour notice will result in 50% of the booked services charged to the card on

Late appointment arrivals will be taken by situation, and
only if the guest arrives less than 10 minutes after the scheduled appointment
time. If a guest checks in more than 10 minutes after their scheduled
appointment time, the appointment will not be serviced.

REDO/REFUND POLICY: No refunds are
offered for services,
or deposits for your appointment. Please understand that in certain situations, the desired
look may take more than one session. In this event, the stylist will verbalize
this during your appointment and will record this on the appointment
consultation form. 

* If a guest is not satisfied with their results, the
guest must call within 7 days & return to the salon within 14 days of
the original appointment *

​ * PLEASE NOTE: Consultation forms will
be filled out and signed by all color guests at Salon Honey + Sage. This form
lists details of service, guest and service provider expectations, service date
, and price quote, and upon signing will deem said guest ineligible for a
corrective appointment should one be requested. *

​ * PLEASE NOTE: Salon Honey + Sage
is an educationally driven salon. Our Level 4 + Level 5 Stylists may be
working with assistants who may be aiding in your service. This is for
educational purposes and all services are by direction of the master

Salon Honey + Sage provides its guests with color robes +
capes at the beginning of service. Salon Honey + Sage is not responsible for
any damage caused to clothes due to color.