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Bob Remix - Revisiting Basics, Undercuts + Disconnection Workshop

Honey + Sage

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Did you know the bob was actually an accidental haircut?! Famous ballroom dancer and actress Irene Castle chose to cut her hair for convience prior to a medical procedure in 1915. As she hid this haircut under a turban as it was growing back, a friend convinced her to wear the short style in public - thus the "Castle Bob" was born. One of the most iconic and timeless throughout time, there are over 10 variations of this popular haircut. 

This may be one of your most popular haircuts in your chair! From Victoria Beckham, Rhianna, and Natalie Portman, and icons such as Debby Harry, Diana Ross, and Barbara Streisand - the bob is TIMELESS. Our Bob Remix - Revisiting Basics, Undercuts + Disconnection Workshop will equip you with the tools you need to create a beautiful bob haircut.

2 Hour Workshop Includes: 
  • Folder, Head sheet, Pen
  • Take Home Material 
  • Color / Backbar 
  • Mannequin*

*Mannequin included in $295 pricing only

* Please bring your own tools (shears, clippers, brushes, hot tools, etc) 

Workshop Date - 09/25 - 9am - 11am

***limited seats available***

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